Monday, July 29

Wisdom of Love/ Sabedoria do Amor / Sabiduría del Amor - Mahavatar Babaji

Sabiduría del Amor por Mahavatar Babaji en Español
Leer las escrituras ayuda
a dirigir a uno dentro del corazón.
Es ahí donde vive el Reino de Dios.
Tu propia divinidad es parte de este Reino de Dios
que comprende el todo.
Sabedoria do Amor por Mahavatar Babaji em Português
Ler as escrituras ajuda
a conduzir a pessoa até ao coração.
É aí que se encontra o Reino de Deus.
A sua própria divindade é parte deste Reino de Deus
que compõe o todo.

Wisdom of Love by Mahavatar Babaji in English
Reading scriptures helps
to guide one within the heart.
It is there that the Kingdom of God lives.
Your own divinity is part of this Kingdom of God
which comprises the whole.

Saturday, July 27

Voluntary Self-restraint Is No Suppression

There is a Western idea that sex is a natural urge and so free expression should be given to it. And if free expression is not given to it, the sex urge will become suppressed, will become repressed. And if it is thus suppressed and repressed, it will create all sorts of abnormalities within you and you will develop neurosis and various types of complex and you will become an abnormal person. There is partial truth in it. There is truth in it to the extent that if this suppression and repression is forced upon you by circumstances beyond your control, by social environment, by other taboos and deep-seated inhibitions within you, due to your father’s advice or mother’s dominance or family and all, then it can give rise to some undesirable inner abnormality. But this situation never applies if realizing the greatness of a higher goal and realizing the necessity of this important Sadhana of self-control in order to attain that goal, you make up your mind fully, willingly and voluntarily.

Then there is no question of suppression. If with a full willing heart you enter into this course of self-discipline and self-restraint, then there is no question of suppression. No one is asking you to do it. You want to do it. You are yourself desirous of it. So, done with full willingness, done with great enthusiasm, it becomes a voluntary thing. Then, psychological situations will not arise. On the contrary, every time you succeed in controlling the sense-urge, you get a sense of elation, you get a sense of achievement you get a sense of inner satisfaction that you have succeeded. So, it is something that goes on giving you endless satisfaction and a sense of triumph, a sense of overcoming. Therefore it is entirely a positive process, a very creative and positive process, not a negative and suppressive process. So, regarding Brahmacharya, if you take the right approach and attitude towards it, then it is simple. It is a question of conserving energy, of preserving energy, so that it may be utilized for higher things which you wish to attain.

The energy in you is a part of the great cosmic energy. Cosmic energy, when individualized in the human being, manifests in many aspects. And one very important aspect is the physical biological aspect. That is the sex energy. A higher aspect is the mental and occult aspect. The mental and occult energy is called Medhas. Then there is in the individual the psychic aspect of the cosmic energy. This is the Kundalini Shakti. And above everything else, in its highest aspect, the cosmic energy shines in the human beings as Atma Bal, as Atma Shakti, as the radiance of the Atman. So, think over all this. All this is food for thought. These are seeds of certain concepts for your further reflection.

Monday, July 8

Wisdom of Love/ Sabedoria do Amor / Sabiduría del Amor - Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda

Sabiduría del Amor por Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda 
Cuanto más trabajes en ti mismo,
más se disipará el velo de la ignorancia
y más claramente verás ,
porque no verás con esos dos ojos;
verás con los ojos del corazón espiritual.

Sabedoria do Amor por Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda
Quanto mais trabalhar em si mesmo,
mais o véu de ignorância será removido
e mais claramente você verá,
pois não verá com estes dois olhos;
verá com os olhos do coração espiritual.

Wisdom of Love by Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda (English)
The more you work on yourself,
the more the veil of ignorance will be removed
and the more clearly you will see,
because you will not see with these two eyes;
you will see with the eyes of the spiritual heart.

Wisdom of Love by Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda (German)