Tuesday, March 25

My Life Without Television!

Television was invented in the 1920s. So Television has been with us for year. Most of us have grown up with it.

If we ask people what they do in their free time, normally watching television is in first place. But the big question is television a positive or negative thing? Would life be better without television?

Television can be a way to (entertaini) relax after working; It can be a way to manipulate the public opinion; It can be good for improving our knowledge. But today most people watch too much television, in this way They stop going out; reading; seeing people; doing sports and so on.

Television has been at the centre of our attention, in the past we could find it in the livingrooms, but nowdays we find it in every part of the house: in the kitchen; in the hall; in the bedroom. So television is really an addiction for most people. Furthermore we can find it in some working places and also in cars.

I don’t have a television in my home. Normally people think that it is very strange and sometimes They ask me - how can I live without television? – For me it was an option. So I can do other things that I think are better for me like: reading; studying; going out; doing sports; spending time with people; surfing on the internet; talking. In this way for me life without television is a better option. But I believe that it should be a fun an entertaining addition for other people in their free time (like old people and the sick children at the Hospital) :-)

Be happy

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Romira said...

Ola JC

Tambem nao tenho tv em casa, mas mais por condicoes financeiras que nao permitem neste momento, de forma que tenho descoberto (ha mais de seis meses) e algo que nao me faz falta. Leio as noticias na internet, nao tenho de receber todo o bonbordeamento de noticias negativas dos media na minha vida! Pelo contrario tenho descoberto tantas coisas boas da vida, nesta cidade de Roterdam.

Provavelmente vou continuar sem tv pelos proximos tempos, por opcao desta vez.