Friday, April 18

A narrow escape – a pretty steep road

I can not remember exactly how old I was when this situation that I am going to write about happened in my life. Sometimes I think that It was when I was 15 or 16 or 18 years old. Unfortunately this is not the worst thing about my narrow escape I am going to tell you.

Well, when I was a little man a long time ago I rode my brother´s bike in my spare time. At this time my brother was a very good cyclist much better than me. His biggest test was participating in a race that they did a turn round the island of São Tiago

I often heard about his victories and abilities with his bike. I didn´t believe some if the stories that he and his colleges told me but I wanted to do something like that.

One beautiful day when my brother wasn’t at home I took his magic bike and I rode around. However I wanted to do something special. So I saw a pretty inclined/steep road and I couldn´t think about anything else so I decided go there, In spite knowing that the bike didn´t have any brakes.

Quickly I got up to speed and everything was happening so quickly that when I was going round the curve I saw a car in front of me in my way. After that I only remember that I was on the ground and a man in a red car stopped next to me and asked if I need to go to Hospital I told him yes.

Later when I woke up I was in Hospital waiting for my turn. My body was burning/hurting because I had scrapped it on the ground and I was covered in glood, my lips was swollen but I was alife and till this day I have scars all over my body!

Be Happy!

Jay Gurudev!

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