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Bhajan book with chords

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Uma das formas de Bhakti (devoção) é cantar o nome de Deus. Já tenho o libro dos Bhajans, ... agora até começar a cantar, ... vamos ver o período da minha resistencia, ...

Jai Gurudev!

Isn´t it beautiful to sing the name of God? Let yourself be drawn into it. Such is the greatness of the name of God, that whoever is singing it with an open heart; whoever is singing it with faith, will be pulled more inside. And the more you go into it, the more you loose yourself in this Divine name and the more the identity of being human disappears. What remains is only Divine and that is what you all are. When you remove the body, who are you? The soul isn´t it?

What is the soul? The soul has no stains over it. The stain is in the mind of man. So, by singing the name of God, of any aspect - whether it is Krishna, Jesus or Allah, you can remove this stain. But you have to sing with devotion and love.

It is nice when you join together and sing the name of God. You create this vibration; you create this urge of merging with God. That´s why it is very important, if possible wherever you are, to find a few people and sing. If you don´t know how to sing, just recite the name. When you recite, picture the form [of the Divine] in your mind. Keep concentrating on the form in the mind and let yourself flow; let yourself just slide into this divine energy. And enjoy it! Remove all the darkness from the mind. Remove the barrier and just jump into Bhakti (devotion).

- Sri Swami Vishwananda

Bhajan book with chords - Collection of lyrics chords by Bhakti Marga

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