Wednesday, October 30

My Thirty days with Atma Kriya Yoga

My Thirty days with Atma Kriya Yoga Lisbon, 15 October of 2013 OM NAMO NARAYANAYA!!! I´m writing this message as anonymous because I believe that the message is much more important than the messenger. My testimony also goes to all persons who are still in doubt. I hope this testimony can inspire you to follow this path. My experience with Atma Kriya Yoga started long way before I heard about it and what it means now for me. I always been connected, since very young age, with the team “spirituality” and had some experiences that made me realize that I was something greater than my tiny body and mind. I searched through different forms, in literature, conferences and personal experiences to get in touch with that“something” that know, for me, is no other than Unconditional Love. A year back before since I´m writing this testimony I read the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” of Paramahansa Yogananda. This book was literally pursuing me for a year and a half. With no reason whatsoever I bumped the book in the book stores and it was next to my place in an exhibitor that belonged to a store. Whenever I passed to enter or left my home there it was this figure somewhat enigmatic staring at me and something impelled towards him and fascinated about him but I couldn´t tell what it was. I remember thinking it was very strange that kind of impression but continued my daily routine. I resisted buying the book during some time and only in September 2012 I read what the “Gioconda” had written. After reading the pages of that wonderful book a series of happy events happened that brought to me Atma Kriya Yoga and the teacher Mahesh. One of those events, that I can describe in this pages, was that I printed in A4 Mahavatar Babaji figure meditating, that some of you may well know, and it emanated, really emanated, from it a Love that it can´t be expressed through words. I not only printed the figure in A4 but also in A5 and carried it in my bag to everywhere I go. With the little figure the same phenomenon happened. At that time I was certain that it was no coincidence….my limited mind had already started to listen my heart and when the opportunity came I went to one of the Om Healing Circles that was organized by teacher Mahesh in February this year. OM energy is simply amazing! During this time, I read all that I could absorb about Atma Kriya Yoga, his main figures, accompanied daily Swami Vishwananda´s blogs and I had already started on my own mantra chanting. It was only a matter of time until my mind followed what my soul already accepted long time ago, that I should practice Atma Kriya Yoga. Some months later, in September 2013, Swami Vishwananda comes to Portugal, in a surprise visit, and I felt very happy and fortunate. I went to the Darshan and simply love it! The energy is extraordinary and it was a gratifying experience that made me realize that it was time to be initiated in Atma Kriya Yoga. So, a week later after Swami Vishwananda´sDarshan I made my initiation in Atma Kriya Yoga with professor Mahesh. The classes where taken in a beautiful place, a home gently provided by one of the students of Atma Kriya Yoga and, coincidently enough, I was the only person of that group that was being initiated all others were not able to come. That made me realize that was a great honor. The formation passed and finally it was time to take the Shaktipat, moments before it succeeded a curious event. The room started to smell an intense smell ofrosesand it lasted for about five minutes. It was a blessing for all the people gathered there and in some way, for me, it was a confirmation that I was in my path. After the Shaktipat I felt immediately a change in my chakras it seems like more stable and stronger energy but it is my own interpretation, of course. I had some other personal experiences after the initiation that confirm something that I realized longway before, that we are all Gods living in an human experience, pretending that we are less than we really are, beautiful and outstanding souls and the blessings, if we want to take them, are eternal. Regarding the practice of Atma Kriya Yoga it´s a daily exercise that can be built with regularity and constancy. I´m not doing the maximum of the exercises, however I intend to advance little by little. My last words go to the feeling of being blessed, for having this chance in this life and great gratitude to the masters of Atma Kriya Yoga that wait patiently for us to be conscientious of them and follow them in this beautiful journey that is remembering who we truly are. Blessings for all Readers, Much Love, OM NAMO NARAYANAYA!!! Undersigned: Anonymous.

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